In Irish mythology, Uaithne (pronunciation “oo-en-ya”), is the harp which belongs to the Dagda, High King and the leader of the Dana tribe. A rebellious tribe known as the Fomorians, steals Uaithne from the Dagda. In order to recover Uaithne, the Dagda and his army go after the Fomorians. Eventually they find the harp in a Fomorian house. This musical interpretation of Uaithne is very modern and abstract; it’s written as a dialogue between amplified alto flute and electical harp, supported by wind band. Susan Leurs and Diana Putters made photografical images about the abstract musical. During the worldpremiere of Uaithne our series was published.


The harper of the Dagda

The musical compositions Uaithne was composed by Hardy Mertens after an idea by Sanna Severins, Inspired by the legend of Uaithne

Exhibition Uaithne Kerkrade

Woldpremiere Uaithne Kerkrade

Exhibition Symphonie der Künste Kelmis (B)

Project Uaithne